Wednesday, April 14, 2010

White Fungus

While I was schmoozing, and trying to be cool at the premeire of the Taipei Contemporary Art Center I was greeted with a magazine. White Fungus, was handed out by the two brothers who publish to help get art lovers hooked. It worked.

White Fungus is run out of Taichung by two brothers, from New Zealand and the United States*.
White Fungus, garnished its name from a can of mushrooms one of the brothers found, that had the emblem "KKK" on one side of the can. Amused, the brothers used the moniker to adorn the cover of their arts/music/literature/politics magazine. English and Chinese find ground to hold in the magazines assortment of thought provoking articles and lone comic strip. I'm afraid I'm biased, as seeing I've gotten to hang out with the creators a few times, I only have nice things to say about the magazine and its creators. Although I'd like to think I'm hardcore, and can find music under the radar, this magazine gave me a check up from the neck up. Brilliant work.

For more information on finding/buying the magazine:

*(I'm putting in the slash because they have dual citizenship, and New Zealand first, because it's more rare).

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