Sunday, March 1, 2009

Will you be my neighbor?

When I first came to Taiwan, I lived in a little place called Hsinchu.
I was lucky enough to move in next to a super cool couple from Canada.
Jeff is not only a semi pro bicyclist but a pretty kick ass photographer.

Blah blah blah yeah my little sister is good at photography.
No, he is good as in, he should quit his job and work for National Geographic good. He worked as an assistant to a wedding photographer for several years, and has a craftsman's understanding of the entire photographic process: from the camera, to the technical aspect of the print development.

I don't have enough nice things to say about him or his work. Because I got to live next to a photographer, all of my social outings, neighborhood, and friends were captured perfectly. But now I live in Taipei, without my photographer neighbor to document it, I look back at the photos to see where we were and where his new adventures are taking him. And to torture myself since I no longer get to have my moments captured so well.

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