Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Derek Murphy's Absurd Visions

Derek Murphy originally hails from Tigard, Oregon but has made Taiwan his home over the last few years. In this time he has painted, painted, and painted some more. His work can be seen now in his show "Absurd Visions", at National Cheng Kung University in Tainan.

Artist Statement
My paintings expose my optimistic nature, my dark cynicisms, and my deep spirituality. I am awed at the power in the world, tickled by its implicit joy and angered by the perpetuation of ideological rubbish. Strong beliefs are the electric fences of the world: labeling, distinguishing, separating, condemning. As long as I don’t have them I have no criteria with which to judge others or praise myself. I hope that in toying with sensitive issues I can draw attention to the emotional barricades that define us. I am floating beyond certainty and being romanced by forces with secret motives. I live in constant struggle to make peace between my warring halves, and the canvas is the forum where each side stakes its claim. Inevitably, I am a product of my time, and all I can do is share my vision of the world.

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Or follow the URL: http://www.derekmurphyart.com/

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