Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Howdy, Amy Gittelson here

My mediums of choice are acrylics layered with collage and other textural elements, often incorporating text and childhood scribblings. A stint as a graphic designer opened up a magic box (the computer) of new artistic tools and mediums for me to play with as well. I like to juxtapose the industrial with the organic, the bizarre with the benign, the darling with the dastardly.

Since I was a wee thing I doodled and scrawled and slapped paint on surfaces as a way of releasing pent-up demons, assuaging anxiety, and pleasing my mother. Thankfully I have moved past the stage of drawing nothing but princesses with huge heads and tiny shoes.

I eschewed a degree in art in pursuit of more practical things - i.e. a degree in History (that’s meant to be ironic), but I continually update my skills through classes, books and by just doing it. That is by no means an endorsement for Nike. I’m inspired by nature, imagination, insanity (mostly my own), the emotional spectrum, comic books, films, writing, reading, other people’s creations, long walks on the beach… oops, scratch that last one; I forgot this wasn’t a personal ad.

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